BMW M50/M52/M54 5 Speed Performance Flywheel & Clutch

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Product Description

BMW M50/M52/M54 5 Speed Performance Flywheel & Clutch

  • TTV Racing Competition Quality Billet Aluminium Clutch, chrome moly pressure plate and professional grade rivets and fixings.
  • TTVR Lightweight Chrome Moly Steel flywheel, dynamically balanced ready to install.
  • Organic or 5 Pad Cerametalic Clutch Plate perfect for fast road, Drive hub is rigid


Hand built to your Spec

Organic drive plates for up to 350lbft

Cerametalic drive plates for up to 480lbft

3661-2977-03 230 3.0 TCTS

  • Description: BMW E46 M54 5 Speed Performance Flywheel & Clutch
  • Design: TTVR Performance
  • Part No.: 3661-2977-03

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