BMW E46 M54 5 Speed Performance Flywheel & Clutch

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Product Description

BMW E46 M54 5 Speed Performance Flywheel & Clutch

  • TTV Racing Competition Quality Billet Aluminium Clutch, chrome moly pressure plate and professional grade rivets and fixings.
  • TTVR Lightweight Chrome Moly Steel flywheel, dynamically balanced ready to install.
  • Organic or 5 Pad Cerametalic Clutch Plate perfect from fast road application to racing where OE gearbox and thrust bearing set up is being used. Drive hub is rigid

A clutch set being used in multiple 1 make race series across Europe, offering high torque capacity with sensible quick action & lightweight clutch release. Strong, Rigid and Reliable.

Available for 5 speed 29x10T

Hand built to your Spec

3661-2977 230 3.0 TCTS

  • Description: BMW E46 M54 5 Speed Performance Flywheel & Clutch
  • Design: TTVR Performance
  • Part No.: 3661-2879

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