Ford YB Escort & Sierra Cosworth Twin 230 Fast Road Clutch & Flywheel

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Product Description

Ford Escort & Sierra Cosworth Twin Plate Kit is based on our proven 230mm twin plate clutch, it offers high torque capacity with a light clutch release load. strap driven to offer full and proper release during normal town driving also means no clutch rattle like other twin plate solutions.

TTVR Twin Plate Road Car Clutch & Flywheel

Organic 230mm friction plates for up to 550ftlb

Cerametalic Paddle plates for up to 800ftlb

Billet Aluminium Clutch cover with Chrome Moly strap drive floater plates.

We also have 215mm twin plate track day clutches for high powered cars used in competiton.

  • Description: Ford YB Escort & Sierra Cosworth Twin Plate Clutch Kit
  • Design: TTV Racing Twin Plate
  • Part No.: 3937 /2978

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