• TTV Racing Engineered Clutches

    TTV Racing Engineered Clutches

    New from TTV Racing 5.5″ (140mm Race clutches), Part of our special clutch range, Available in Single, Twin & Triple plate options, Hand made to order in our UK Factory.

  • Concentric Slave Cylinders and Spacers

    Concentric Slave Cylinders and Spacers

    TTVR Hydraulic Slave Cylinders are manufactured in house by TTV Racing. Interchangeable with AP Racing CP3859, CP6859,CP8084, Tilton 1XXX Series and Alcon KSA Series. Stroke lengths available are 15mm and 18mm with an internal bore of up to 36mm for larger input shafts. Hard Anodized Body and piston to protect against corrosion and wear. Twin […]

  • Custom High Torque Clutch & Flywheel Set

    Custom High Torque Clutch & Flywheel Set

    184, 215 & 230mm Hi Torque Clutch Nice Light Clutch Release Loads Available in Single and Twin Plate Hand made to order in our UK Factory.

  • Competition Steel Flywheels

    Competition Steel Flywheels

              CNC Machined, Forged Chrome Moly Steel, Dynamically Balanced, Integral Ring Gear, Custom Made To Suit Your Application Click this link to see our full range of Flywheels

  • TTVR Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Travel Adjuster

    TTVR Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Travel Adjuster

    TTVR Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Travel Adjuster Hard anodized finish with high quality fittings as shown. This new universal unit allows you to adjust the bite point on your hydraulic clutch to keep an optimum position against clutch wear or if you are using a motorsport clutch which commonly release quicker than OEM style clutches. It can also […]

  • Light Weight Race Pulleys

    Light Weight Race Pulleys

    Aluminium Engine and Auxiliary Pulleys, Underdrive Design Saves Power, Reduced Belt Speed, Custom Designed To Suit Your Needs, Hard Anodizing Option For Extra Durability,  

  • Trojan Valve Guides

    Trojan Valve Guides

    Highest quality materials. Self Lubricating. Good heat dissipation & shock absorption. Excellent concentricity.

What can we make for you?

Custom Racing Flywheels, Racing Clutches, Engine Pulleys, Valve guides, Drive shafts, Wheel hubs  or something else?


Porsche Boxster/Caymen 718 Lite

Alfa 75 2.0 Twin Spark Remote gearbox Lite

TTV Racing Caterham 215mm Clutch

Lotus Europa LEH M32 184mm Race

TTVR 184mm 6 Pad Friction Plate

TTVR 215mm 4 Pad Friction Plate

BMW B48 F30 330i 184mm Twin Flywheel & Clutch

Jaguar Lister 184mm Twin Race Flywheel and Clutch

TTV Racing Clutch Pedal Adjuster

Alfa 75 3.0 V6 Remote Gearbox

BMW 135i 335i N54 6 Bolt DCT Lite

Opel Vauxhall C20LET Twin 215mm Flywheel & Clutch

TTVR Race Triple Plate 215mm (8.5")

TTV Racing Single Plate 230mm Compact Fast Road Clutch

TTV Racing Twin Plate 230mm Organic Fast Road Clutch

TTVR Road and Track-day Single Plate 215mm (8.5″)

Audi V8 8B 11,2 01E RS4 B7 Clutch - Heavy

Audi 4.2 V8 to O1E Gearbox with RS4 B7 Clutch

BMW B58 1 2 340i Lite

BMW S55 B30 M4 GT4 184 Race Supalite

Opel Vauxhall C20 Redtop Underdrive Waterpump Pulley

Opel Vauxhall Chevette HS Slant 4 Standard Single-V Engine Pulley

Porsche 981 Single Mass Lite

TTV Racing Single Plate Race Clutch 140mm (5.5")

TTV Racing HD Twin Plate Race Clutch 184mm (7.25″)

TTV Racing Compact Triple Plate Race Clutch 184mm (7.25″)

Ford ST180 1.6 Eco boost Lite

Subaru Imprezza EJ25 STI 6 Speed 140mm Triple Plate

Alfa Romeo 105 Standard Supalite 8 Bolt 110 Teeth

Ferrari 348 Single Supalite

Renault Clio Cup 172/182 140 60-2 Pulse

Subaru BTCC Underdrive 5 Rib Engine Pulley 60-2 Pulse

Rover 1.8 K Series Pulley

Opel Vauxhall VX220 Alternator Pulley

Ford ST170 Lite Flywheel and Clutch Package

Ford 2.0L Ecoboost Underdrive 6 Rib Engine Pulley 64-2 Pulse

Ford RS200 Standard Double-V Water Pump Pulley

Ford Cosworth YB Underdrive Pulley Multi V type

Ford Duratec Underdrive Race Pulley

Peugeot 208VTI R3 (Homologation)

BMW Mini F56 Front Underdrive 6 Rib Engine Pulley - Flanged

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