TTV Racing Pulleys

TTV Racing Pulleys

TTV Racing manufacture competition engine pulleys from aluminium and steel.

Underdrive options are used to slow down belt, alternator and waterpump speeds.

Excessive alternator speed wastes power and can be damaging to your alternator.

Waterpumps can cavitate when run outside a normal engine speed giving a negative cooling effect.

Running any auxiliary items faster than required just wastes power, changing to an underdrive pulley can give good gains with a uniform increase from zero – max rpm.

The addition of a trigger wheel can allow modern ecu’s to be run and mapping to be more accurate. Our steel pulleys with an intergral trigger are lightweight and reliable, we are happy to make 1 off’s or large batches.

Please contact us on 01473 730996 or e-mail [email protected]

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