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TTV Industrial Ltd

TTV Racing is part of TTV Industrial Ltd, a large engineering machine shop where we have the knowledge and ability to design and manufacture all sorts of parts.

We provide this service to many of our customers in motorsport around the world, solving problems and assisting design.

So if you have parts you need machined and are unable to find them or someone willing to make them get in contact as we may be able to help you.

Examples of parts we have designed and manufactured:

Valve Guides

Steel or Aluminium Brake Bells

Wheel Hubs

Sprung Dyno Drives (Supaflow)

Oil pump gear drives,

Concentric wheel spacers,

Competition drive shafts,

Adjustable spring platforms,

Rocker shaft end caps etc

We are always happy to quote.

Please contact us on 01473 730996 or e-mail [email protected]

TTV Services

We feel very lucky to have a worldwide customer base and we believe that service is the most important part of working with our customers, we work hard to give a level of service that exceeds expectation. We also work hard to ensure that our customer understands what we do and why we do it that way. We like to advise our customers and receive feedback so we can grow our brand and constantly develop our products as markets change.


Beautifully engineered high quality products stem from our design ethos. Carful consideration of the application, the customers needs and budget. Reverse engineering and design is undertaken by us on site allowing us to keep control, we design for manufacture allowing us to keep production times down and product prices to a minimum.We design parts for all aspects of motorsport & OEM applications. We have extensive knowledge of  machining a wide range of materials. Engineering solutions to problem parts making our customers cars reliable and competitive.


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We operate from our purpose built 17000 sqft factory with 16 employees. We operate on a cellular format which allows us to respond quickly to orders and simplify manufacture processes. Consisting of:

Small Batch & Prototype Cell

Production Cell 1, 2 & 3 (High volume)

Clutch Component Cell

Small Component Cell (Pulleys, fittings, valve guides etc)

Gear Cutting Balance & Assembly Cell

Tool Making Cell (Hand crank machines including Mills, Lathes, Broaching, Shapers & Grinding equipment.

Test & Assembly


We have a range of equipment for testing materials and components, our assembly area is growing since the launch of our Special Clutches Range.



We have our own CMM for Reverse Engineering and Final Inspection. We have recently invested and installed in process 100% inspection measuring equipment allowing us to meet Tier 1 requirements with ease and minimal extra man hours.


In house Vapour Blasting Service.  Perfect solution for restoring/cleaning parts back to their original condition, Ideal for aluminium castings etc for repair work.

In House Laser Etching Service.  Custom part/batch numbers and brand logo’s can be added to your products.  We are also able to create the laser file in house if you don’t have one.

Balancing Service,  used in our factory to balance rotational parts we manufacture we can also offer this service to others. Mandrels for work holding can be designed and manufactured by us to suit where needed.

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